”Much has been written about the prodigiously talented men who brought to the screen.

But if behind every good man stands a good woman, behind Walt Disney and his “boys”—the all-male assembly line—once stood 100.

Insisting that she would never be a 'kiss and tell girl', the 26-year-old surgery fanatic revealed that she was taking a break from relationships.'I met Floyd last year in Vegas...' she told Closer magazine.

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The crop top and brief set is from Asos and we love the hot pink hue especially next to Abi's golden tan.

It set her back just £26 and the good news is that it's still up for grabs. Despite winter approaching, there is plenty of swimwear still out there, so check out our alternatives below too. A source confirmed to Mail Online: ‘They never were dating or a couple in first place so you can't split from something if it was never, at any time, joined together.‘Anyone can take a picture with Floyd and say it is something it isn't.

has to be out by Christmas—if not it’ll be too bad for Disney’s,” 20-year-old platinum blonde Reidun “Rae” Medby wrote her boyfriend from her Hollywood apartment late one night in the fall of 1937.

She was barely able to keep her eyes open after a month of working weekends and double shifts in the Ink and Paint department, the all-female “finishing school” of hand-drawn animation, during the final push on the groundbreaking film.

The end of the assembly line usually inherits all the problems.

Preparing the animators’ vision for camera required the inking and painting of thousands of fragile, combustible cels with perfect refinement.

—toiled as many as 100 young women, the inkers and painters, working from dawn to dusk on thousands of cels that brought his dreams to life.

The author recaptures their white-gloved esprit de corps, and a golden age of Disney that would be disrupted by strike, World War II, and, eventually, the Xerox machine.

Abi, 26, and Floyd, 40, were thought to have met in Dubai last year and at the time he was credited with helping her through her break-up with long-term boyfriend Rob Davies.

Abi Clarke has split with Floyd Mayweather, but we can't imagine she'll be a single agent for long with that fabulous bod!

Abigail - who enjoyed a fleeting stint on The Only Way Is Essex in 2013 - perched on a seat alongside Mayweather and placed her arm around his shoulders.