In regions around Spain and throughout Latin America, parents are encouraged to baptize their children within the first few weeks of their child's birth., the tradition is popular throughout Spain, Latin America, and in neighborhoods where Spaniards and Latin Americans reside around the World.

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These Godparents or sponsors are required to take classes.

Godparents take an active role in the ceremony during the baptismal rites by holding the child and offering assurances for the child's spiritual growth.

Every region, town, or family may celebrate it with variations, but basically, it's a big party.

Quinceanera is a celebration that marks a young girl's introduction into "society" on her 15th birthday.

The quinceanera celebration begins with a religious service, followed by a dedication mass.

Following the religious service, music, and dance, festivities take place.

The girl wears a fancy, colorful, and elaborate dress, typically found in pastel shades.

The girl dances a waltz with her father, older brother, or other male relative.

However, as with the changing times and customs, many young teenage girls celebrating their 15th birthdays today are offered less formal affairs.

Every culture has its own traditions and customs regarding death, funerals, and burials.

It can truly be said that Spain is immersed in traditions that emphasize their regional identity and differences.