So after they were gone i quickly rush my Son to the nearest hospital because he was bleeding seriously from the chest...... Honey i haven't slept since last night and even my shoulder is affecting me with pains badly.

I am a down to earth Kind of man, with a very good sence of humoure, the only child of my late parent, thou i was adopted from the orphanage home, yet was loved and cherished until i lost them both.

I am 6:0ft average built, love all what is called fun play lol.............

I'm looking for a woman that knows what she wants and can get it.

I'm looking for a woman that know respect, honesty, and truth. Honest people who are very sincere about what they believe to be true.

I'm looking for not just a Good woman, God fearing but the Best woman. People who will stand by your side through the good and through the bad times of the difficult things that happen throughout life! People who are charitable to those less fortunate than themselves.

A woman that wants to find true love and wants to be in love. I think u got a messenger if you are really into all this qualities and really wants to go on with a good and caring man like me you meet me up ... Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. People who do not fight and argue with one another. - riseingsunnydays says: just go to yahoo mail then you register - riseingsunnydays says: that's all - me says: ok i'll try that... Scammers have in their possession stolen webcam footage of this man! Quamay Wright, [email protected] Info used: wrightquamay002 [email protected] ([email protected]) wrightquamay002 45-year-old-man Antioch, IL, US IM used - wright.quamay Phone number provided : 2348058028736 0112348058028736 From: Wright Quamay Subject: Re: Hi sweetie this is Sunshine~~ To: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009, AM Morning Sunshine, Honey I'm in a terrible Situation right now, A strange thing happened in the hotel I'm staying last night in an hour time After we finish charting on online which was 9pm....

So if you see him on webcam, it´s not "him", you see a short stolen video! Honey I'm in a Shit right now i don't know what to do. and one of them hit his Gun on my shoulder and i couldn't do more than to Plead.

A partner to be my best friend and who is passionate about life. Add me you your yahoo instant messanger list as wright.quamay, i am always online by 10pm Nigerian time, and sometimes, i get online by 9am, if i am not hooked up with works here. - me says: i'm glad you know how to do this technical stuff! then he sent his phone number and said call anytime. i thought because he was portuguese, he would sound kind of spanish/european.

Presently am out of the state for a Building Project, Am a Civil Engineer am into building of houses and Briges. - riseingsunnydays says: I have just added you - me says: ok, do i need to do something from here? but as i said, my brain evened out all those doubts at first.

Over all someone caring, love and willing to open up would be nice. - riseingsunnydays says: yes thanks - riseingsunnydays says: He is the only source of joy for now - me says: i'm glad he brings you joy. - riseingsunnydays says: His mother was - riseingsunnydays says: but unfortunatly she left us - me says: i'm so sorry. - riseingsunnydays says: ok - me says: oh, i have to download something. - me says: - me: i just sent you a message, but i think it was email not instant messaging... the funny thing was that when he spoke, he sounded african.