He also appreciated the expanding cultural landscape where legendary artists like Parveen were investing their time and energies to give way to wider perspectives.

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While previously Parveen always handed over her music to recording labels, this particular album is unique in the sense that it is the first one that Parveen has released herself.

The title song, (Soul of Ali) played in the background setting a rather soothing environment at the evening and resonated through the gallery as guests mingled over a lavish iftar dinner.

This is a reflection of the relaxed attitude of law enforcement when it comes to the use of marijuana.

As long as you keep no more than two joints on you at all times and don't give the impression that you are a dealer, you can smoke in peace in most areas of the republic.

“Objectively speaking, Parveen started out as a singer from a small province but has grown like a tree that bears different fruits and flowers and gives shade to others.

Her voice connects people and that is what her music is all about – it is the voice of her soul,” claims Dr Rana Event manager Shah, too, expressed his deep love and admiration for her.



Look for concerts or areas with signs of open marijuana use to score with much less risk of detection.

The Price of Cannabis in Ecuador Since the police aren't actively searching for marijuana smokers in Ecuador, you don't have to pay elevated prices for low-quality schwag.

Cannabis in Ecuador It is illegal to grow and distribute cannabis in Ecuador for profit, but rules are more lax for personal consumption.