Meanwhile, Spider-Ock is outraged that these posers would dare defame the diabolical name of the devious Sinister Six. After some dark moments at the end of ASM it looks like Slott is returning to writing some superior comedy. It’s quite well structured, but this isn’t an issue that benefits from being a pilot for the series, it’s a pilot that benefits from being part of an excellent run. New series regular Ryan Stegman gives the opening salvo of Doc Ock’s hostile takeover of the Spiderbooks energy and style.

Fortunately for everyone still mourning the loss of the Parker/Watson marriage, Marvel's upcoming event sets the stage for a return.

Because the event features many different realities and timelines colliding, the publisher and its various creators have the chance to try new things and resurrect old favorites, and current tie-in series that will be drawn by Adam Kubert.

That brings a very different dynamic to his superheroics, to be sure, and it also brings an opportunity to let fans return to the Spider-Man of old that many wish they still had, no matter how many entertaining tales of a single Peter Parker Slott's woven in years since tie-ins, the series also functions as a chance to tell a kind of final Spider-Man story, in the way that stuff like "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

" offered Alan Moore a chance to tell a "final" Superman story once upon a time.

No, the funny parts of the story come from the new Sinister Six and Spidey’s reactions to them. This ragtag group of second string villains (and Shocker.

With Doc Ock dead, Slott has a perfect opportunity to give us a look at an odd grey area in superhero adventure: who holds the trademark on super villain team names? Poor Shocker), has just the right balance of power and personality to keep a story interesting while still feeling like the game-starters are resting (get well soon, Scorpion).I’m not ready to give up on Humberto Ramos, but, especially compared to ASM 700, we are getting some superior artwork here. Slott is obviously super excited to tell this story and Stegman is fresh and ready to draw some quality webslinging. Let’s spend a minute discussing the beginning of the issue before we get to that ending.Each of them have moments of weakness and the story loses a bit of momentum, but it seems likely that we’ll be back at full speed soon enough. Let’s take that to the comments From here on out we’re in spoiler territory, if you don’t have the stomach for it you should turn back now. The Superior Spider-Man starts with Otto Octavius saying goodbye to one life and hello to a new one. Though many were forced to wait in horror for two weeks and anyone enjoying my blog enough to be upset had to suffer another one, we now have issue #1 of The Superior Spider-Man. Now that we know who Spiderman is, what makes him so “superior”.Feels worth mentioning that this review will follow the half and half spoiler system I’ve been using but will be spoiling Amazing Spider-Man #700 throughout. Well, one can’t argue that Doc Ock isn’t adjusting well to his new four-limbed life.Parker is just naturally terrible at getting the most out of himself.