Getting Married We love seeing the members of our church community getting married.

We believe that if you honor God throughout the dating/courtship process, that the marriage will be abundantly blessed with favor and enriched with wisdom (and if you’re already in a marriage where you didn’t do this, it’s never too late to start! New Philly has a commitment to see every marriage in the house prosper, full of joy, love, and righteousness.

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Particularly useful for kiosks, or devices that should only ever be used with a single app, the Single App Mode restrictions allows one app to be forced into Single App Mode.

As long as this restriction is in place, the device will only allow this app to run, and will auto-launch it when not running.

But it is difficult to experience this abundant life when we are in bondage to shame, fear, past hurts, secret sins, and/or demonic strongholds.

Sometimes we just need a safe place where we can open up and take steps to be healed.

If you are a baptized believer in Jesus Christ, we encourage you to partake in remembering the Cross of our Lord through the eating and drinking of the elements (bread and wine/juice).

Please be warned that at our Hongdae and Sillim campuses, we use real wine.

The Quaternary geology of the central coast of British Columbia contains a rich and complex record of glacial activity, post-glacial sea level and landscape change, and early human occupation spanning the last ~10,000 years.

At present, however, this region remains a largely understudied portion of coastal North America.

We train our community group leaders to organically lead people through H&D steps throughout the year.

For severe cases, we have trained leaders that can schedule a 2 hour session for you. If you’d like to learn more, contact Pastors John-Michael and Sky (jmbecker at newphilly dot cc).

Measured fading rates vary from sample to sample implying that, in this region, it is not sufficient to rely on two or three representative fading rates as has sometimes been done elsewhere.