“I’d like to date, but I think no one wants to,” said Maria Clara, a 30-something doctor from Manila who has never been in a relationship.

Maybe he thought he was such a good catch he didn’t need to try to impress me.

So wrong.” Casual sex Trans Jans, a 26-year-old transgender, has her own set of challenges.

With her male friends either married, engaged or gay, she has braced herself to settling for whatever comes, said Min, a 34-year-old from Taguig who works as an administrator.

“In these times, it’s hard to be choosy,” she said.

” Jay, 25, from Davao, also uses Grindr to find guys who become either interesting dates or “casual sexual encounters.” He added: “I multitask and people should do the same.

I’ve had enough of closing my doors to other guys just because I’m dating one. It’s nice to have options and it’s a waste of time to play hard to get.“When he saw me, the first thing he said was, ‘You don’t look 5’5”.He then insisted on dining al fresco so he could smoke, without even asking me if I was fine with that. “I still believe in finding love, even in places like Tinder.And that’s why Dick Dickens, 24, a marketing associate from Manila, finds dating difficult.Describing himself as “shy and introverted,” he finds starting conversations “painfully awkward,” he said.He said his ATM card got damaged and he had left his credit cards somewhere.