Gigi embraces youth culture by joining an online dating service and even traveling to rock festivals with her trusty male nurse (Ricky Mabe) by her side.

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Since the show is on an IFC budget, some of those scenes had to be done in a “guerilla” style, according to Krumholtz.

For example, in the pilot, Gigi and her assistant Ricky comb a tough neighborhood searching for her lost gun.“We showed up to a corner on the street in the middle of a bad neighborhood. That was really funny.”To make sure he keeps the illusion of Gigi intact, Krumholtz can’t interact with the crew in his showrunner role while he’s in character.

“The makeup was something that I had to learn to accept.

The first two days in, maybe three days in, the novelty totally wore off and I really, really got sick of it,” he told Co.

The source material for Gigi was Krumholtz’s fraternal grandmother, Martha Thaler, a woman who just loved making her son crazy.

“She took a lot of joy in other people’s discomfort, specifically my father’s. That was true of all her interactions with a lot of people. She was extremely judgmental.”“A lot of this generation of women, come from that sort of more demure, almost ‘Mad Men’ archetype of women era,” he continued.

Gigi poses nude in front of an art class, or plays Rummikub with ladies in a senior community, or goes speed dating.

The people are told that Gigi is shooting a reality show about how she’s spending her windfall, but, said Krumholtz, “It’s very clear [what’s really going on] because first of all, people aren’t that naïve. If I was a woman in prosthetic makeup, I’d probably get away with it easier, but most of the people who do figure it out either before or during while they’re on camera, they play along because of the spirit of the character and they’re so immersed in it.”But some scenes are just simple random interactions with people on the street.

Create about the daily transformation he underwent to become Gigi for the show , which debuts on IFC on Thursday, October 1 at pm Eastern.

He’d undergo a four-and-a-half hour process that required the addition of makeup and prosthetics in order to transform him into Gigi.“I mean you’re on a set of however many people and everyone’s eating cheeseburgers or whatever, gum, and you can’t eat.

I guess I’m less young man than I am old woman,” said Krumholtz. I could have taken it the wrong way, but instead I jumped at the opportunity because I knew it was a fun character, and that there was a lot to explore there.”In the popular videos and on the IFC series, Gigi is a gassy, curse-spitting, blunt woman who lives in Boca Raton and doesn’t care what people think of her.