The "Kiss from a Rose" singer told New Idea magazine that "[Working with Delta] it’s been a dream. I think she’s a national treasure." Goodrem too gushed about him on the Today show and said, "I love the big guy [Seal] too, he's great." In January 2017, Goodrem and actor Sheridan shared a photo of them kissing on Instagram, sparking speculation that they might be dating, which was further fuelled when they held hands and sang a romantic song at a jazz club in May.

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Seal has been singing his co-star's praises, recently gushing, “Firstly, she is very beautiful, but she is also quite vulnerable. has a strong voice and a strong personality but [also] this air of vulnerability and that’s why people warm to her.” “I see love forming,” said another fan.

But not everyone is likely to be so supportive of Delta and Tim’s budding romance.

Well it's for sure that the pair is going really strong together and enjoy each other's company.

They post several pictures of them on their social media sites.

She wrote her hit single, “Out of the Blue,” based on her experience of his support during this period.

After getting together in September 2004, Goodrem dated the Westlife heartthrob for three years before getting engaged in November 2007. Speaking of the split in 2012, Delta told Australian media she was 'unhappy' and 'had to get out'.

Mc Fadden later thanked her on Twitter for 'the best years' of his life.

She dated the rugby union fullback for a little over four months in 2016.

Delta Lea Goodrem (born 9 November 1984) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actress.