The databinding on the built-in control works just fine. I commented out that line and now it works as I expected.

dependency property not updating-77

Dependency property not updating video

If you want to react to property changes, use the callback you already discovered.

Your console trace should be in there, not in the setter.

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control (s).

I created an example project to highlight my problem.

But I don't mind refactoring if things can be done better.

Well, you have several options, you can create an event in Paint Object, and subscribe from dependency property change, you can bind to all properties by code, using Binding Operations, you can clone Poin Object as you did [email protected], hard to do recommendations without having hole logic in mind.

Recently I struggled on my user control trying to make the dependency property be updated when I change the source of the binding.

That confirmed my belief that WPF does not forgive any single developer’s mistake.

Additionally, a breakpoint set on the getter of the Animate Column Width property is never hit - meaning that nothing ever tried to retrieve the property.

(This did work so clearly I have broken something somewhere!!

All I need to do is, on the button click I want to update the Name value that will have to update the text box value.