Certainly Jackson's faith in Fisher did, as Fisher had no coaching experience whatsoever. That's one of the reasons why we didn't quite complete our meshing and blending of talents and thoughts, because those two positions are not always aligned."On the Lakers team plane back in the day, Jackson and Kobe Bryant sat across the aisle from each other. In any case, Jackson's dreams that he and Fisher would develop unshakable trust and unfiltered communication—akin to what Jackson enjoyed with his longtime mentor, Tex Winter—did not come to pass."One of the challenges for all of us was we were in the basketball department under the umbrella of and who he was and who he is and what he was able to do as coach and leader," Fisher said. '"For all the structural defects in that house, Fisher nevertheless is adamant that something was cooking.

Almost like a naive young couple's knowledge that above all they love each other, Fisher and Jackson just figured they'd make a marriage work, regardless of what real life was like."We both didn't know exactly what we were doing," Fisher said. "Then [when you're] asking me as a head coach in a sense not to create the same results, but take the same system or way of playing and try and teach these guys how to play it—and utilize it in similar ways as when he taught it—I think at times it was more challenging for our players to really understand, 'Who am I committing myself to? First off, there was the unicorn-ucopia of growth, featuring Kristaps Porzingis."I know what was going on," Fisher said. I As much failure as the Knicks have endured since their 1973 NBA title, the record book lists Fisher with the worst winning percentage of any New York coach who lasted more than one season (.294).

Jackson believes in transformational leadership as opposed to transactional, which basically means he wants a coach who inspires deep group evolution as opposed to superficial, patchwork accomplishment.

Last year, TMZ reported that after Derek Fisher filed for divorce, Candace filed court documents saying that she was “blindsided” by the decision, which came one month after their 10-year anniversary, and that he screened all her calls and texts for two weeks.

As we’re all aware, Fisher is now dating Matt Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan.

With one set of particularly wise words, Fisher actually got Andrew Bynum early in his career to start saving his money.

Now that Fisher has been through the New York wringer—the opportunity Phil giveth and so soon Phil taketh away—he has come to realizations about what went wrong while he coached the Knicks, what actually went more right than people appreciate and what the heck his personal circumstances with Matt Barnes say about the world in which we live.

The energy surging inside him, encouraging him to build something big and bold The idea of energizing the city he'd grown to love from all his time spent in New York as president of the players union.

The advice from proven NBA coaches to jump at a job where the guy in charge truly has your back. June 2014 was essentially the first time in his life that Fisher, who could've continued playing or pursued opportunities in a front office or the business world or broadcasting, was choosing a job."When we're young, sometimes we're quick to go after the first or the newest or the shiniest opportunity that is in front of us, because we don't quite know any better," Fisher said of the Knicks.

Fisher only began to listen to the many people who were nudging him toward coaching when he saw how much he helped Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as their veteran teammate in Oklahoma City.

By his own admission, Fisher thought the profession "was limiting in the parts of you that you have to access.""I don't know if it would've been as gratifying, as fulfilling, as challenging—or with as many sleepless nights—trying to figure all this stuff that you have to figure out in New York," Fisher said.

"The prettiest girl, the shiniest car, the best-looking house. Fisher never felt that close to Jackson in New York.