Emile's new bundle of joy isn't the only big news he's had this month — he recently secured the role of John Belushi in Steve Conrad's upcoming biopic about the late comedian. For producer Charles Gordon, "The Girl Next Door" is the one that got away.

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While Emile has not directly confirmed the news about his son, he did tweet a hint about something good happening last Sunday, writing, "Love to all my followers, beautiful Sunday." News of Emile's impending fatherhood broke earlier this month, although little is known about the woman who is the mother of Emile's child.

An insider told Us Weekly that Emile is "trying to be the good guy in the situation" and will be involved in the mother and child's life.

But Beresford defends the dynamic: “That was the conclusion the writers came to when they did the research.

When I did the research, I thought it was valid.”Eight decades on from their crime spree, Hirsch sees parallels between Bonnie and Clyde and today’s ’selfie’ culture: “This narcissism and quest for fame that Bonnie and Clyde embarked on is something a lot of people have today in an age of round-the-clock celebrity.

"I saw 'The Girl Next Door' very recently because some friends' children said it was on cable.

To be honest, I get sick when I see it," said Gordon, a Hollywood veteran who also produced blockbuster hits such as "Die Hard" and "Field of Dreams." "Minimum, we should have done the business 'American Pie' did, which was huge and had sequels." Released on Easter weekend in 2004, "The Girl Next Door" did not do "American Pie" business.It’s this seething, crazy rage for fame that is frothing at all times.I think people will identify with Bonnie and Clyde in a really sick way.”Grainger concurs, reckoning that the combination of her creativity and self-absorption would have seen Bonnie Parker a cyberspace natural today.”I didn’t know she was English because she auditioned in an amazing American accent,” Beresford says.Grainger is a ball of energy in the film, which seeks to make the case that Bonnie was the driving force for the crime spree which her and Clyde embarked upon between 19, during which they killed nine police officers and several civilians.She’s both a volcanic and vulnerable Bonnie- at one point bursting into a journalist’s home to demand she gets written about- and certainly better than Miley Cyrus, an unlikely early frontrunner for the part.