So we decided to try and help the cause and bring awareness to the problem.

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The couple recently got married in a ceremony in Malibu, California on April, 26. The 43-year-old actor Jared Leto has been documenting his transformation for his role as The Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad by David Ayer.

The Oscar-winning actor shared an Instagram pic on Saturday where he showed off...

They’ll have someone come try to talk to me for them. [Laughs] Well, I remember doing this video by Big Tymers and R.

Kelly called “Gangsta Girl” and we had a scene where were riding scooters down South Beach.

VIBE interviewed Esther on the set of her PSA about the Gulf Oil Spill, check out what she had to say about the cause, her career and her love life: Esther Baxter: Well, I was just talking to a friend of mine one day who also models and we felt like we needed to get involved.

It just didn’t make sense to us that more wasn’t being done to fix the problem.

Eli Roth, the American director, writer, producer, and actor has been recently signed by WME.

The director whose movies cost little but make huge money had spent much of his career at CAA. Newlywed Nikki Reed, 26 and Ian Somerhalder, 36 was found lounging in Tulum, Mexico before setting off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Really, acting is something I’ve always wanted to do. They all helped to give me direction and just told me to be natural.

I’ve done a few commercials and TV shows here and there but it’s time to really build my career. It wasn’t difficult or stressful though—really it was a lot of fun. I took some acting classes at one of the top schools in New York before I came out.

At the beginning of her career, she appeared in the music video for the Petey Pablo 2014 hit "Freek-A-Leek." Also an actress, she has appeared in films such as Speed-Dating, Video Girl, and Just Another Day.