“After they get through the speed dating rounds, they can mingle, follow up with each other, or talk to us about the event during the social hours.” Jack Chen, 35, who attended speed dating the first time said he just intended to make friends at the event.

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“This allows people to meet each other, make connections, maybe they find a friend.

That is what this is all about.” “Each man has 3 minutes to get to know the girl,” Zhang said.

In all honesty, Jesus would be great to have a drink with and talk to because he could share life’s mysteries and the eternal spiritual realm experiences.

I am a Christian and talking to Jesus in a physical state would be pretty rad.

The event was created in the celebration of the recent Chinese Valentine’s Day with millennial-aged singles as the target audience.

“It is a great opportunity to meet people,” said library associate Di Zhang. tomorrow to the new show “Love at First Kiss” on TLC. He worked for Boeing for about two years before seeking fame and fortune in Los Angeles. Basili, 28, graduated from Cascade High School and the University of Washington.“Since then, I have been in countless shows, indie films, short films, TV shows and reality television,” he said. Talk about “Love at First Kiss.” The show is a reality dating series by the same producers of the “Bachelor.” Basically “Love at First Kiss” puts a spin on dating.Instead of the standard dating procedures, such as going on a full date, the show starts with the end result. A good kisser to me is someone who brings the heat.Xue said that serving the Chinese-speaking community is one of her top priorities as the Chinese language librarian.