Wolfe has described her strategy as "Sadie Hawkins-inspired," and just three months since its official launch, the Austin-based startup boasts more than a million matches, as well as a global network of ambassadors (cool girls enlisted to spread the "buzz" about Bumble). I wanted to start a social platform app that would encourage kindness among a younger demographic of women, more of the junior high or high school set.

" And then we all encourage her—"Go say hi, go send him a drink, go do something! There’s this unwritten rule that it’s not ladylike, or it’s wrong, or the guy should go first. Women are extremely independent in every facet of our lives, dating. Making the first move, whether a woman is matching with a man or a woman, gives her a boost of confidence right off the bat. We’ve noticed that men are responding in such a polite and flattered way; it sets the tone for the conversation. We don’t want to limit ourselves and say, "Oh, we’re just for the college market" or "We’re only for young professionals." We want to be the brand that any woman can turn to.

It could ultimately set the tone for the relationship too, if it gets there. I don’t care if you’re 18 and this is one of your first times ever dating anyone, or if you're 35 and you’re back in the game, we want to be available and relatable for women of any age.

LONDON (Reuters) - The London Film Festival closed on Sunday with a violent and profanity-laden dark comedy featuring Frances Mc Dormand, as a small-town mother seeking justice for her murdered daughter, tipped for an Oscar nod.

At the end of a movie fortnight overshadowed by a cascade of allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, writer-director Martin Mc Donagh said he was happy to close the festival with “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing”, calling it “a proper cool film” with a woman at its heart.

We agreed to keep that in mind with this new project. That’s where the whole "girls speak first" aspect comes in. I’ll go out with groups of my friends and someone will see a cute guy across the room, or in the bar, or in the restaurant.

She’ll be like, "Oh, he’s so cute, I wish I could talk to him! The response on the other end has proven really interesting!

I concluded that- Christian or no Christian- they were all the same: confusing, selfish human beings, looking to just have a good time at the cost of my broken heart.

He tells me he has a girlfriend, or that he’s interested in another girl, or alludes to me being a great sister in Christ, or introduces me to his crush, or drops off the face of the earth. With this kind of relationship history, you can probably get me when I say I used to have a little bitterness in my heart toward the entire male race.

Actors Peter Dinklage, Sam Rockwell and Francis Mc Dormand arrive for the UK premiere screening of ' Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri', on the closing night of the British Film Institute (BFI) London Film Festival at the Odeon, Leicester Square in central London, Britain October 15, 2107.