but, our former Alitalia members still say Pope was the most unique. However, myself as a pax:- Nicest: Kylie Why: just because she was!! As she bent down to pick up her life jacket, he put his hand on her head and wouldnt let her get up. On one QF flight she was given white first class pyjamas.Didn't ask for any special attention and was happy to pose for photographs and even helped us (or helped my friend whom i was with) with make up hints for best results in the dimly lit cabin. The whole front cabin errupted with laughter, the girl just cracked up, and I just wet myself in the front galley. On another flight she was given blue pjs and insisted that they 'take back this old stock and give her some white pjs'. Also was quite moody when asked to get off her mobile and in some cases will only speak French. On Uk Charter, I've not experienced any "celebrities" :(, which didn't bother me at all until I read this (excellent) thread - now I am depressed!

Flirt chat date rachel mcguigan-13Flirt chat date rachel mcguigan-72

Jan Leeming BBC News lady from years ago - a total snob!!

Ronnie Corbett Nice fellow but with a very loud voice that was painful after a while. And his wife - aka Cruella de Vil John Mc Enroe As someone said above, sursrisingly nice and affable Shahnaz Pakravan (Dubai TV) Lovely lady and didn't squeak once on board Keith Harris (& Orville - only this time, without) A bit cocky and full of celeb status s**t Barry Mc Guigan Former boxer.

Best of all, she was Spanish, and said, sorry, should I know who you are? Gave us all gifts that he had bought in the Duty Free in Geneva. One of them shouted in a high pitch voice at the crew complaining that she couldnt use her mobile after the doors were closed!!!! Worst Celebrities: Westlife (again) Why: On a different flight a few months later, when they had just become big, the fame had clearly gone to their heads!!! I have flown as a pax alongside a few big stars too. " (...stunned silence, mouth agape, difiiculty breathing.. ) starting with Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" video.... there is no debate on this point." ...she smiled at me! And for the record, the crew thought she was charming....

Worst: Shirley Bassey Why: Became obnoxious after a few (and only a few) drinks. Another nicer than expected pax was John Mc Enroe, the tennis player. The last one I saw was Claudia Schiffer in the Virgin Clubhouse at LHR. Purser (to me): "We seem to have some kind of "model" on board today. Miss C unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for her) has fallen asleep otherwise the standard pre-Sept 11th visit would have been arranged faster than a scalded dog chasing a rabbit.... co-pilot, who's sector it has been, anounces "Well, I'll go and say goodbye to the passengers, then...." Me; "No, no, nooooo.... 6From a pax point of view: Best: Ian Paisley, very friendly and chatty, didn't discuss politics though but lots of other things to talk about. Worst: William Hague and his 'minder' Seb Coe, both arrogant and ignorant, also very rude to the crew when the departure was delayed due to fog - which anyone would have thought the crew had arranged specially to inconvenience them.

How easy it is to lose friends because they think you have become stuck up. Sorry to say the bodyguard was no oil painting, bit of a let down!!!

Him with becoming a tennis celeb, us flying types with suddenly buying knickers in New York and going on safari in Kenya. She was dressed in very plain clothes and travelled on her own. Olivia came and asked where the toilets were and had a brief chat with us in the galley. Christopher Casanova (ex dynnasty) Wow that man has amazing sex appeal, and still looks great. Was put into economy without a whine of an upgrade, slept the whole way.

I read the post earlier about Moira Stuart waking up during a flight. But, got me thinking of all the celebrities I've flown during my 30 years in the industry. Worst has to be Nigel Benn, my god, not even B list, and you would think he was a prince. Again I am not Cabin Crew, but a close friend relates this to me:- Quote:--------- "Best Celebrities: Westlife (when they were mere backing boys for "Boyzone"). she's nothing special, by the way...." ( I shall refrain from comment here, but the phrase "wouldn't crawl over her to get to you..." may have been not very far from the surface...) Co-Pilot: "Who's Helena Christensen?

Not my name, but asked about my nephew who had just been born when we first met.

" Actually thinking about it my most favourite was Princess Diana - we had no pre warning that she was travelling and for a few seconds I didn't even recognise her and thought she was off duty cabin crew!!! Made up for her disappearing into the toilet every five mintues, and her abnoxious child, who had ten hands, when the afternoon tea service came out!!!