More complex analytical methods are needed to explain why some patients still succumb in childhood while others survive into middle age.Proportional hazards regression analysis provides estimates of the relative importance of variables thought to be associated with increased or decreased risk of dying.

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The adventures of a professional screenwriter and sometimes film festival jurist, slogging through the trenches of Hollywood, writing movies that you have never heard of, and getting no respect.

Voted #10 - Best Blogs For Screenwriters - Bachelor's Degree The day began with one of the 5 (FIVE! The other class I had scribbled notes for on the flight over.

But the class went well, there were lots of questions about both sex and violence - and this is where I realized that it was a difficult subject for a class because answering questions was slightly embarrassing... The room was completely packed with people - around 150 or so.

and difficult to be precise as to how much sex or violence is too much. And here’s the problem - Raindance has not printed brochures for my weekend class at all, but Elliot is passing out brochures for one of *his* upcoming classes in every sold out class that I do.

Even though he mentions the weekend class in the intro, are the people just supposed to remember that after the class?

They have no way of knowing *how* to sign up or where or how much the class costs...

Of course, in the past the weekend class has done well, so Raindance made a pile of money of giving me a flat fee.

I suspect that no one is signing up, so they want to give me a % of what little money they make. but I have no idea how many people have signed up, so maybe I’m worrying overt nothing.

The US and Canadian national CF registries show estimated median survival age increasing to around 32 years in 19, respectively, but in subsequent years no further improvement is seen.1 2Although the timing of a plateau in median survival age may differ, consistent patterns are seen in several other population based studies.3-5 An impressive reduction in infant and childhood CF mortality is almost universal, but projections for these rescued children as they move through adolescence and adulthood cannot be simply extrapolated from the experience of older survivors of less fortunate cohorts.

The current life table method, based on age specific mortality in a recent period, can only predict the experience of a cohort if age specific survival rates are stable over time. Cohort survival curves of patients with CF in the UK5 show declining mortality rates in all age groups over almost three decades, as well as an apparent stabilisation of mortality rates in the youngest children in recent years.

I had very little material on this one and would be winging the full 2 hour class.