I recommend using a job aggregator, specifically Indeed, which will enable you to find all jobs for foreigners in Singapore at one place. It can save you a lot of time, as opposed to searching each site separately.Use the advanced search form, so that you can conduct a specific search (for example – one which excludes job advertisements that contain the words Singaporean, PR, Citizen, etc.).

If you are coming for a short visit, then it is much better to have a few meetings/interviews scheduled with potential employers and recruiters before you arrive.

Also please be aware that career fairs are not catering to people living outside of Singapore and will not help much. You will find jobs where foreigners are eligible to apply, however, you will need to spend extra time searching for these.

This will save you the time spent on applying to every job under the sun and also increase your job search success rate.

Keep this in mind when contacting recruiters for jobs also. Your resume, cover letter and other job search material must be relevant and of high quality.

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Make the process easier by using online networking sites like Linked In.

4) Be clear on your knowledge, skills and abilities and make sure that you apply to matching jobs.

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The reason for this simple – It is easier and more cost effective for companies to hire people who are already in Singapore, especially when these people have the talent/skills they need.