I've come here for a long time off and on, Probably about 4-5 years. My short experience has been a blast and I am like scarily obsessed with Teen Chat.

I've met a few great people that I still talk to and some I've lost touch with.

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I've met a lot of good people from Teen chat I still keep in touch with. Hey all it's Satine, Teenchat's a great place for when your MSN screws it'self over, and a great place to meet new people, i'm usually on GD, but i also go to GR and PC, among others.

Teen chat still has new people coming to populate this area. I've been here for about four years now and I love every moment.

Friends are the ones who make you, and honestly, here; I couldn't get any friends that are better than them. I'm addicted to this place, it's just one of the most comfortable chat rooms I've been to and I don't intend of leaving.