She is physically punished whenever she refuse to have sex. We are also threatened of legal action against us." (Survey respondent, 2016)Another reported:"I was forced to work in the flesh trade...

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While not all domestic workers are abused, domestic workers are a particularly vulnerable group as work takes place in private homes and largely out of the reach of regulation.

Official figures in India suggest that there are more than 4.2 million men, women and children working as cooks, cleaners, drivers, gardeners and caregivers across the country.

They threatened to evict us from our homeland, shown their anger if I denied to perform any task.

Sometimes the consequence extended to my family and they used physical torture in several time." (Survey respondent, 2016).

Bonded labour is not only illegal, research confirms that it has serious negative health impacts for those affected, who typically work in unsanitary and dangerous working conditions with no access to health care.

Examples of forced labour of domestic workers were described by survey respondents.

My husband was employed far from the village so that he can not run away." (Survey respondent, 2016)In other cases, it appeared that bonded labour reflected debt lending practices and continuation of a feudal mindset:"There are many people in the village who were working with me as a bonded labor.

I was physically and sexually assaulted when I was working in the field. I was also threatened that I had to leave the village." (Survey respondent, 2016)"It's very common in this village that we have to work for repay the amount, our family borrowed. My motto was just repay the amount as soon as I could.

As the law does not differentiate between human trafficking and sex work, and there are no formal guidelines on who is identified in rescue and raid situations, it is impossible to know if every one of these cases involved force or children, or whether some were simply cases of economic survival.