This is an authentic ingenuousness that can only be accepted by mediocre people who take communion with millstones or parchment hosts It is not good, honorable Mr.

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From the annals of believe it or not this Open Letter to the then Cardinal Bergoglio now POPE FRANCIS is what Gnostic do and maybe, just maybe will be the start of the fall of the VATICAN. We, the gnostics of the world, give you a humble answer to your subtle pretension to display Gnosis as a heresy, which incidentally also was attempted by your predecessors in the misnamed throne of St. You say that we need, before anything, an evangelizing Church.

Unquestionably the work of evangelization is very laudable, but you must first of all know that the Catholics are not the only evangelizers of our troubled world, there are also evangelizers of other religious currents that have been very much detested by the Church over which you preside.

You cite the Virgin Mary, whom we also venerate as the mother of Jesus and Initiate in the Mysteries, as was also Mary Magdalene, as stated in the oldest Christian traditions that you and your Church now discredit as apocryphal, a pejorative way to diminish the importance of genuine documents which contradict the pseudo truths of your Church. Bergoglio, know that Maria, Marah, Rea, Insoberta, Cibeles, Sophia, Paula, Aka, Asarte, etc., etc., are divine representations which the civilizations of the past had in order to designate the Inner Divine Mother that each creature carries within and that, incidentally, is the wife of the Holy Spirit, her Sacred- Holy fecundator.

Thus it is in the sacred religions of the East such as the Hinduism, which shows us Shiva (representation of the Holy Spirit) as the husband of Shakti, a virgin that symbolizes the eternal divine feminine.

When the metaphysical conceptions of the gnostics, who saw the Logos and the Anointed in Jesus, began to gain ground, the first Christians separated from the doctrines of the Nazarenes, who accused Jesus of perverting the doctrines of John and of changing the Baptism in the Jordan for another. 109.) You and your Church claim not to be self-referential, but it was you yourselves who interposed to the Church that you founded between the Creator and the suffering humanity.

And you and your brotherhood of crime have always claimed that the Kingdom of Heavens can only be reached through your Holy Apostolic Roman Church.

Looking at it all as the Big Picture, from above as it were; we are our own soul, interconnectedness to all Souls; who happen to be living in the material body that has Egos, during this round or incarnation.

The Real Truth (gnosis there of) is much too strange-horrific for 99% of us (back to the infamous 1%).

Sure they can create diversions and seemingly chaotic stuff; but in the end they are not the masters of our choices, WE ARE.

Special thanks to OM-Cosmic (comic) Order Gang, my daughter (actually a wife in previous life; oh boy) and fellow earthlings for this great life as a soul in a rented human suit experiencing here and now to bug out the egos that make all of our messes regardless of ET-Aliens-Astronuts-Anunnaki-illuminati-Reptilian-Mafia and other groups/people who know who they are and what a mess they are making. Allow us to turn to your person to clarify a few points made by you regarding Gnosis.

What we choose to do tells us who we are and what drives us (up to this point in the incarnation); No matter what happens, now and in the future; all we have to really worry about taking care of is our SOUL for it is that part of us that lives on and on growing us from life to life.