Simply decide how much you want to pay each month or how fast you want to pay it off. The plan and your payment progress will appear clearly and separately on your statement.

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There is no charge for this service, and you can change or cancel your Full Pay categories any time.

You can set up a maximum payment for Full Pay, with any overage going into your regular account.

The Finish It feature is similar to Split It, but it covers the entire card balance.

With Finish It, Chase Blueprint will help you devise a plan to pay off the entire balance on the credit card.

And if you can make a Full Pay payment in any given month, your account will still remain in good standing so long as you make the minimum payment due on time and comply with the other terms and conditions of the card.

In short, Full Pay is a benefit for cardholders to better manage their money, but there is no obligation to use this Blueprint feature.The big attraction to this card is the balance transfer fee.If you initiate the balance transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account, there is no fee.Here is Chase’s description of Full Pay: FULL PAY is a feature that lets you avoid paying interest on everyday purchases.You can select the types of purchases you would like to pay off in full each month.Click here to get more details and learn how to apply for this and other balance transfer cards.