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This story borrows it's theme from the Survivor TV production, but is in no way connected with the show, with Castaway Productions, Survivor Inc, or the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

This is entirely a work of fiction and is intended for a mature audience.

I took a camping trip with the wife on the week the final Survivor episode aired.

(I'd set the VCR before we left.) The newspaper headline the day after it aired: The Snake Wins!

I ended up using almost all of his ideas, plus added a few of my own.

In January of this year I began writing episodes in earnest. I worried that people might think that I was watching those shows and then writing my episodes by simply taking their ideas, making them kinky, and putting them into Surviver. In my first episode I had my group discover how to start a fire by using a bow drill. If you feel you'd like to write to me, I remain: Dino Dave. Twenty people, ten dominant - submissive couples, stranded on a tiny south seas island for forty days.

I took another camping trip in the fall, by myself this time. I finished off my other story, but all the while, Surviver was rolling around in the back of my mind. About that time I must have mentioned the project to Leviticus.

I'd come up with three challenge ideas for the shows, all three of which sucked.

The Shows: Here you will see the shows, uncut and unedited.