“People trying to, like, date her, asking her out, or telling her to change her clothes -- like clothes that barely covered her body, like sexy clothes,” Dylen said.Kieley's mother saw it, too, and was flabbergasted. "It looked like a dominatrix creature." Channel 2 Investigates spoke with Security Expert, Nicholas Dearman, of Global Investigations about Roblox.“A child sex predator could get cellphone numbers, home address, bus routes, bus stops, school addresses.

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Below is a statement from the company, as well as a link to a blog post written by the company’s CEO, in response to recent stories about the dangerous elements of the game.

One big change that was made to the game in response to recent complaints is the chat feature can be completely disabled.

A similar finding was made by Doron Friedman and colleagues at the University of London.

When they programmed an ownerless ‘robot’ avatar to automatically wander up to people in SL, the response most people had was to back away from the digital stranger as if protecting their personal space.

Psychologists are studying these worlds, to find out how people behave there, and to uncover whether a person’s online escapades affect their real-world selves.

Others are moving into digital realms to teach and work with clients.

Virtual research Studies in SL suggest that the way people interact online closely mirrors real-world social behaviour.

For example, they may be interacting vicariously behind the mask of their chosen avatar, but a study by Nick Yee and colleagues at Stanford University found that two characters of the same gender in SL tended to keep a greater distance between each other than two characters of the opposite gender.

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