“Let’s grab a drink later,” Charlie had said to the friend who’d brought me. ” A former hockey player, Charlie was the opposite of deep and depressed, but to keep The List going you sometimes have to broaden your horizons.So, though I didn’t have an official boyfriend when I went to a party the night of my last day of work, my mind brimmed with possibilities – some of them right before me.

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After several plastic cups of wine and a lively chat with my married crush, I spied Charlie in deep conversation with a colleague.

We’d barely spoken to each other during my months at the station, but no matter. “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to stand here and pretend I’m talking with you,” I said.

Luckily WGBH was very liberal and the groovy head of personnel had simply ripped up the tests. But the truth was, I wanted to work at WGBH because all the guys there were my type, meaning they had long hair and looked deep and depressed.

It was the 1970s and the station was a hotbed of idealistic promiscuity.

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Anyone you knew could be on the list – even your best friend’s boyfriend – because you didn’t have to actually sleep with any of the guys; you just had to want to.

The list was about loosening up and keeping hope alive.

By the end of July, my list consisted of a supposedly separated television director, a couple of ex-boyfriend hopefuls, a married guy, and my safety, a news producer named Charlie Stuart.