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“I hope that the people who have so graciously opened their doors and allowed me to take a photo can see themselves represented in their own city.

I’m already making inquiries about it, but it doesn’t just depend on me”.

The former because they begin life and the second, because they’ve lived.

“I had it clear since I planned the trip: I didn’t come to drink mojitos and dance salsa all night, but to discover my own Cuba.

From the moment she took out her camera, photographer Whitney Browne couldn’t keep a low profile for long in Trinidad, a city in central Cuba, where she had initially passed as just another tourist.

The camera is an analogue Hasselblad, medium format, the same model with which Neil Armstrong recorded man’s arrival at the Moon in the 1961 Apollo 11 space mission.One day I started to suffer from insomnia and I arrived at this place and I was interested in the range of people that stopped by, their expressions…I started to work from midnight to 5 a.m., and still do, nearly always for free because I am into social activism. They say that Cuba is changing and I wanted to see it with my own eyes, but it seems to me that the places I go to have never lived in a different way.Perhaps because of this she decided to mount her first personal exhibition after eight years of work.“The funny thing is that the images weren’t of dancers, actors, directors or producers who I have photographed in my studio, but the ones I took in Ray’s Candy Shop, one of the oldest shops in Manhattan, set in East Village, that belongs to an 80 year old man.“For a long time I wanted to come to this country, especially after talks started between the United States and Cuba,” she told On Cuba while she took snapshots of Santa Ana street.