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"Children can benefit enormously from high-quality Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) education.

Good PSHE supports individual young people to make safe and informed choices.

Police have spent £1.5million investigating sexual abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath, including £14,000 on spin to defend the controversial probe.

He is pictured on his racing yacht Morning Cloud in 1975 where six people wrongly claimed he abused and murdered children on board Police made an appeal for 'victims' outside his Salisbury mansion in 2015 (pictured) - but his loved-ones claim this proved police assumed he was guilty and the chief constable admitted today this was a mistake After two years, more than £1.5million in taxpayers' money and 1,580 investigative lines of enquiry, police have finally dismissed 35 outlandish accusations against Sir Edward Heath.

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Then click "Make another booking like this" at the top of the confirmation page to make the next booking.Five people claimed Sir Edward abused and murdered children aboard his Morning Cloud yachts between 19 off Broadstairs, Kent - but police established there was no 'credible' evidence, no witnesses and no missing children.An allegation he was involved in an Army child sex ring was ruled out after two other men were arrested and released because they had 'no link' to the former Tory leader.PSHE education is a non-statutory subject although the National Curriculum Framework states that "All schools should make provision for personal, social health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice." PSHE education helps schools fulfil their statutory duties to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, offer sex and relationships education, promote SMSC as well as meet their responsibilities in relation to pupil wellbeing and safeguarding.From January 2014 the Df E clarified that schools must publish details of their PSHE education curriculum on their website.Wiltshire schools can access a range of support for PSHE education, including central and in school training, by contacting the Personal Development Education Adviser.