To her horror, Barbie woke up the day after their “casual” hookup to find him standing over her bed with a three course breakfast and a look that said, “I want to wear your skin, my beautiful, beautiful bride.” Barbie will spend the next three years ghosting this guy, always thinking that she’s done with him until one morning out of the blue she gets a random text that says “wat went wrong? They’ll meet again 10 years in the future when he shows up out of nowhere to object at her wedding.Barbie and all of her friends have at least had some kind of romantic encounter with this Ken. Every pregame Barbie’s friend group will gather together and see who got a DM from him this weekend. usually go along with it because he’s actually pretty fun to hang out with and it’s not that serious." No word yet one what accessories these new Ken dolls come with, but I'm fairly sure they each have a fidget spinner, android phone, and a pocket full of dirty-ass change that will get all over the place when they pass out fully clothed on Barbie's bed.

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The two of them are married now and their entire friend group is really concerned for their future children.

Barbie has been friends with this Ken for years and while of course she knows he’s totally in love with her, she just tries to ignore that and keep things friendly.

After two full hours of chatting about the meaning of life, Barbie hit him with a “Do you want to come back to my place?

” to which he'll reply, “Actually I don’t do that but I’d love to invite you to come to church with me on Sunday.” Then Barbie will jump off the roof and die.

Barbie only agreed to go out with this Ken after a particularly enlightening drunk brunch where she promised her entire friend group she was done with fuckboys and would only date nice guys from now on.

Sadly, he turned out to be the greatest fuckboy of all.Between never texting back and sending her Facebook invites for his improv shows, this Ken will somehow manage to take up a year and half of Barbie’s precious time.He’ll end up dumping Barbie for a high school senior who thinks he’s “sooooooo interesting” and Barbie will be forced to side-eye all of his Facebook statuses about being a male feminist for the rest of her days on this Earth. Barbie fell in love with him on , just like all the rest of us, and is eagerly awaiting the end of the season so she can find out if he's single and start desperately tweeting selfies at him until he blocks her.While he has literally no personality and barely speaks English, he’s hot and has a cool accent and knows club promoters so she just kind of rolled with it. This guy is literally the worst, but Barbie entertains his presence because he’s rich AF and pays for everything.Though she knows in her heart that she’s only being invited to “chill” on his yacht because 10 other Barbies said no, she agrees to go mainly for the Instas.Barb will spend the next week pretending to not think about him when she’s really thinking about him non-stop, only to run into him on the second weekend rolling face with a Bratz doll.