Forty-five people lost their jobs as a result of change in strategy.The closure does not appear to apply to its data escrow business, which has proven popular among new g TLD registries.Only then can the appraiser identify the relevant market or market level to research.

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The machinery appraiser’s choice of the value definition and the market level to investigate must be relevant to intended use and other assignment conditions.

The value definition that is most relevant to intended use must be identified by the appraiser.

Each definition of value will yield a different result for the same piece of equipment.

It is imperative that the appraiser you choose understands the intended use and clearly identifies the intended user(s).

STANDARD RULE 7-2 of USPAP establishes the elements and requirements of problem identification.

The elements that must be identified include intended use, intended user(s), the effective date, the type and definition of value, the relevant property characteristics and assignment conditions.

NCC Group has stroppily departed from the domain name business but is evading questions about whether its .trust g TLD is for sale.

The company last month told the markets that it is to “cut its losses” and get rid of its Open Registry registry/registrar business, which it acquired for up to £14.9 million (.6 million) just 19 months ago.

That business sits within a separate Escrow Division.

The company said: It is clear that the open generic domains and city codes have not been taken up by businesses and consumers as well as expected with all of these falling well short of their initial registration targets.

They also made the point that they are still committed to the concept behind domain services and have retained the ability to provide a secure, managed environment when the marketplace changes.