Today we had four lovely ladies come to the studio and meet our friend Chuy Del La Playa.He spent three minutes (nervously) talking with each of them and then chose a lucky woman to take out on the town.

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By the time the bell rings, all the participants have made up their minds. When it comes to attraction, consciousness slips down a gear. Looks right, sounds right, smells right, acts right. All the time--but especially in your love life--you're making decisions beyond your conscious awareness, and people respond to you in ways and for reasons unconscious to them.

So, what happens in those three seconds or three minutes? There are days when you end yourself acting a little more flirtatious than usual.

Some of the findings featured here are mainstream, while others are recent and more controversial.

Although no one study solves the mysteries of love and attraction, each is something of a clue.

INTRODUCTIONOne fall evening, as the air turned bitterly cold and the threat of lonely holidays loomed, my friend Rita went speed-dating.

Rita is beautiful and vivacious, and she was up to the challenge of meeting more men in an hour than most women meet in a year.

She settled on a session for thirtysomethings, and went by herself because her friends refused to go with her.

The next day Rita was in an expansive, exuberant mood. Rita says she's looking for a man who's loyal, responsible, educated, spiritual, and ambitious and who wants to be a father. But in the heat of the moment she forgets her intentions.

In fact, half of all female speed- daters say they know whether they're going to say yes to a guy within the first three seconds of meeting him.