On a casual first date, most people dress comfortable and wear their favorite tee and jeans.

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Is it too fashionable and lady gaga-like, or does his pants hang low around his knees all the time? Dressing style and fashion apart, if you’re going to be walking down a street arm in arm a few weeks from now, you have to like your date’s attire.

Or is your date’s favorite color combination pink and florescent green? If you feel hot around the collar or cross your fingers and hope your friends don’t come by, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like being in their arms in the near future. If you want to get to know someone on a date, focus on the attitude.

You may actually have great values and make wonderful decisions in every other area of your life.

They don't really care if you meet the man of your dreams. It is not easy, which is why so many women get involved with men who are totally inappropriate for them.

Understand that in a relationship you will be influenced and you will "lose" part of yourself.

If you gain more than you "give up" then it's probably safe to proceed. Do some work to understand your strengths and weaknesses.While a bit of compromise and effort may keep the next few dates from falling apart, these differences are going to matter and cause a lot of confusion in the months to come.So if you want to get to know someone as a compatible partner, understand that both your professions do matter.It shows respect for each other, and most importantly, it also shows appreciation and fascination for each other. If you’re a travel channel host and your date’s a work-at-home software testing geek, your daily interests, hobbies and leisure activities can differ vastly.If your date can’t stay focused on you, perhaps the infatuation and charm’s wearing off already. On the other hand, if you’re dating a budding entrepreneur, you really can’t expect your date to devote time to your romance.Three kinds of singles lose their focus on a date, singles that aren’t really single, singles that just can’t stop keeping their options open, and someone single who’s lost interest in you as a dating potential.