This scene may be about Theo’s ex-wife for the most part, but the pair’s openness (again, this whole film could be viewed as one long affair) is what makes this so intimate. It’s a tie between Samantha writing Theodore a song, and the way he lets Samantha’s camera peep out of his pocket so she can appreciate the view.

is that it won’t happen twice,’ the film’s producer David Collins is reportedly fond of saying.

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Niall: So let’s start with the genesis of the project.

Carlo: I was teaching film class at the New York Film Academy and Glen was one of my students.

Hansard’s parents also had a part in the film giving it a charm and intimacy rarely seen in a music documentary.

Niall Mc Kay sat down with the film’s co-director and editor, Nick August-Perna, and co-director and producer Carlo Mirabella-Davis.

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They were into the idea, and they let us come along for the first tour, which turned into three years of following them all over the world and shooting their songs and their lives. Carlo: Glen loves films, he’s a big fan of Werner Herzog. He just thought that it would be fun to take a film class and try to direct some short films. He directed a couple of great short films in New York. They wear their hearts on their sleeve, they’re very emotional people, they’re very thoughtful people.

Niall: How did you get them to reveal so much of themselves on camera? There was no changing the circumstances to create anything that would be good for the camera. Honestly, you turn the camera on them and you’re going to have a very interesting movie Carlo: We spent a lot of time off screen just getting to know them. But it took at least a year for them to get comfortable with the camera. Nick was doing sound, Chris was on the camera, and I had two LED lights in my hands.

But away from the obvious romantic titles, the movies are full of other standout dating moments that make us laugh and cry for a multitude of reasons.