Let's take a look and see if Lee's latest cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming can unravel this tangled web and shed some light on his role in the MCU.A frustrated Spider-Man fights to protect the streets of New York City in the beginning of Homecoming, all while waiting impatiently for Iron Man to call him up and make the wallcrawler an official Avenger.

For a long time now, audiences began to suspect that Lee was in fact playing the same character in each movie, despite appearing in a variety of guises.

While most die-hard fans suspected that Stan Lee could be playing one of the Watchers — an alien race who observe without intervening — the credits for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Of course, this revelation led to hardcore internet speculation from fans who argued over which comic book character he could be playing.

If Lee isn't a Watcher and there's no Watcher's Informant in the comics, who is he exactly?

Wouldn't that same rule also apply to their Informant? Unless, of course, the Informant — or Informants — is charged with keeping track of Earth's heroes for the Watchers, checking in on a regular basis to assess their progress.

If that's the case, then it's perfectly understandable why Stan Lee's character would randomly stop by and see how Spider-Man is performing after he revealed himself to the world in Captain America: Civil War.

The band were impressed, tweeting: "The guy in yellow had a helluva night."Richmond players continued the celebration into the night with a party at Melbourne's Crown Casino, proudly wearing their medals and showed off their Premiership Cup at the official club function.

There were plenty of drinks flowing as hundreds of supporters, club officials, and family and friends of the players celebrated with the team.

A brief appearance by a well-known star or other famous person in a role that would otherwise be an extra or walk-on.