From there, your job is to make small talk to get them warmed up. With men especially, what we do for a living is our pride.

We enjoy telling others how great things are going.

Another big benefit to closing via chat is the time.

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In my opinion, the less time you spend on the phone, the more money you make.

I know that’s contradictional (my word) to what we are normally told and taught in this industry.

The prospect will probably respond with: “Work is good, how are things at your work?

” That’s when you hit them with this: “My work is awesome and I can’t complain. Don’t just tell them what to do; ask them if it’s okay.

Every day, I have more and more people tell me how they are reaching prospects via text message and Facebook chat, more than on the phone.

Texting is not going anywhere, so you might as well adapt.

Just like asking questions and shutting up on a phone call or face-to-face, you’ll do the same via text.

Ask question after question until you get the answers you want. You can skip the BS and go straight to “W” and get the fact-finding process rolling.

Those of us who can write make the best videos, public presentations and face-to-face closers.

Once you can communicate via text, you can improve the way you communicate effectively in every other way.

The same principles I’m going to teach you pertaining to chat, will also work via text message and email.