As early as 1927, Ernst Kris considered this platter the work of the Sarachi’s workshop, and Diego Angulo shared his opinion in 1944, as do later specialists.The specific treatment of the profiles, hands, clothing, trees, plants, bird and other elements corresponds to a technical and esthetic language very close to those from several works attributed to this workshop, including the (00081).These works were returned two years later, although some were lost.

hermaphordite dating-85

He then appears as a svelte young man, walking with spear in hand and preceded by Cupid on a path in which distance is suggested by various settings and two cities in the background.

In the following scene, while resting beside a spring, he is called by Salmacis, a water nymph that has fallen in love with him.

Once again, this brings us to the though of Marsilio Ficino, which was enormously influential in Milan’s cultured circles.

That, in turn, does not rule out a third perspective -a political one that may be related to the Spanish Habsburgs- as the conquest of the seas is an image of the great empires.

An oval platter made from a single piece of rock crystal with an adornment at the foot and another on the edge.

The latter constitutes a wide molded band of matting with enameled-gold appliqués bearing a design of s and scrolls enameled in opaque white, green, sky blue and light green, and red and green over gold. The small adornment that forms the seating ring is enriched with a design that alternates twelve enameled and twelve pearls.

With its dimensions and craftwork, this piece is a marvel of technique.

Its surface is ringed by a sequential story whose various narrative episodes are linked by a continuous landscape of trees and more distant landscape elements that are developed by expanding the scene towards the platter’s lip, as well as a composition whose empty spaces on one half are resolved with a pair of flying birds.

Venturelli later considered all of the adornments original, and attributed the excellent cameos to the Sarachi brothers’ brother-in-law, Fontana, although the matter has yet to be fully resolved.

Analysis of this piece is even more complex with regard to the scenes it contains, as the story of Hermaphrodite is not a common one, which suggests it was commissioned by a specific client.

When he bathes in the lake, she strongly embraces him and begs the gods to merge the two of them into a single body.