I decided to post here because one of my friend advice me.. (preferably a European male) If there are any males who are not too young and who are interested in stimulating company, hanging out or hiking, drop me a line.By the way, am not interested in guys under 6' (189cm) and am not interested in non-europeans.I arrived in hk in 99, spent 12 years, had a blast, and I am back now and all my friends are gone and have moved on.

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Already enjoyed enough night lives and now prefer simple healthy life. Shop only when needs, dress up classy when fine dine, dress causal on causal days.

Travels a lot to see the world and understand people and their cultures.

I am at my early 40's, sorry I look like 30's, petite, Hong Kong Chinese and well traveled. Yes, bad luck still have not yet got any relationship leads to marriage.

Well, although bad luck, we still need to live with hope! :) I know what I want, work hard, work smart and play hard.

If you want to be part of the group events, please send me a message. When you reply, please copy and paste your profile including your age and location please.

When replying, please kindly provide your name and phone number so that I can add you to our whatsapp group. -WWM Send Message Ref ID:cd22010b-9622-4bfe-b3e9-48eaae013ff4 A Hong Kong born single,mature lady aged 54 looking for a like-minded, non-smoking, health conscious man (Asian or Caucasian) between 48-58 LOCALLY (if you are not living in Hong Kong please do not reply), with similarities on personalities and interests, and interested in a serious, long lasting and committed relationship that will lead to marriage if chemistry sparks. Send Message Ref ID:7c5dc82e-3090-466b-950b-94443b37b242 I'm 48 years old pretty lady and still single.

It is hoped that this ethnographic study helps to reframe our theoretical and political understanding of sexual values shaped by a profoundly quotidian source of meaning-making.

Hi, I am Sandrine 47,people see me as a beautiful and confident woman....i have a 12 yo son,and a teacher.

Through examining the highly popular practice of internet-based “sex chatting,” this work attempts to theorize the rapidly changing forms, norms, and values of sex as an important facet of internet chatting culture.