— **Additional Notes:** It may be advisable to check the settings for Privacy and set your Line ID before switching to the Computer version, because it is a bit more difficult to navigate the settings in than the Android version.

I believe you should be able to uninstall Bluestacks once you install and login to the Windows version of Line, but I have not tested this step.

Other users have added additional emulator information below for Linux or Windows.

— **Disclaimer:** I have had no problem with any of the programs used in this tutorial, but you should always do your own due diligence before downloading any program from the internet.

— **How To** First step – Go to [ and install Bluestacks on your PC, Bluestacks is an android emulator (Installation and setup takes a little time) 2nd step – Open Browser in Bluestacks, Navigate to [me]( 3rd step – Click Download for Android, it will ask which program to use, select Play Store 4th Step – Play Store will open, you will have to login to your Google account or create a new/dummy account, but you need to be able to verify the email so write down a password.

I know this will work on a PC, I have not tested it on a Mac.

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