Nasal swabs in animals and humans were introduced in the nostril and rotated once.

Throat swabs in humans sampled the area of the inner cheek including the tonsils.

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On each farm there were two sampling periods for animal and environmental samples (day 0 and week 12) and four sampling periods for human samples (days 0, 4, 7 and week 12).

Nasal swabs from both anterior nares of calves were taken and analysed in 10 pools of six swabs each (60 animals per farm).

(LA-MRSA) emergence is a major public health concern.

This study was aimed at assessing risk factors for persistently carrying MRSA in veal calf farmers and their family members.

For estimation of MRSA prevalence in calves and environmental contamination, animal nasal swabs and Electrostatic Dust Collectors were taken on day 0 and week 12.

Results The presence of potential animal reservoirs (free-ranging farm cats and sheep) and the level of contact with veal calves was positively associated with persistent MRSA carriage.

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On days 4, 7 and on week 12, dry cotton swabs (Copan, Brescia, Italy) were used to self-sample the nose.

Swabs were given to participants with instructions including photographs in case of self-sampling.

A persistent MRSA carrier was defined as a person positive for MRSA on days 0, 4 and 7.