Good for especially chatty and multiple-time zone chats, or if you need to buckle down and focus on something else.As with normal pinned messages on servers, you can use the pin feature by right-clicking on the message you want to pin, or selecting the "pin" option by clicking the cog menu at the far right of the chat window.Finally, you have the recent mentions and support articles icons.

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This'll keep your old DM intact, but also start a new group DM with you, your previously mentioned friend, and anyone else you want to bring in.

Many of the features you know and love in server text channels apply to group DM chats as well.

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As long as there's one person left in a call, anyone else in the group can join back in!

Pro Tip: Sure, there's a big red button labeled "leave call", but if you wanna see the fruits of our hard-earned labor, click the same call button in the top menu bar.We value our relationship with you and would love to hear about your experience with us.If we’ve disappointed you, we’re sorry and would like to have the opportunity to put things right.Clicking this icon will mute notifications for the group DM specifically.While Group DMs (like normal DMs) do usually give desktop notifications, muting the DM will prevent that, and you'll have to check up on any updates yourself.You'll need to add your friends to your friends list first.