Let’s take look at what you’ll need to qualify as an English Teacher in China, and how and where to apply for legitimate work.

The employment of English teachers in China is regulated by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

If you’re caught you will at the very least be detained, fined and given two weeks to pack up and leave China.

Your bank account may be frozen and you’ll earn a disappointing “deported” stamp in your passport.

If there are any students that have successfully applied, we’d love to hear feedback from you.

There are many teachers living and working in China, enjoying their experience and working with valid Z VISAS.

It seems the government is making it harder, not easier for full-time teachers to access the coveted Z VISA, which allows you to work legally in China.

That said, if you research the market thoroughly, follow the correct procedures and apply some caution and common sense to your job applications, you could end up with a teaching experience that is both fulfilling and very rewarding.

To find out more about the Z VISA (or working VISA) check out this article.

If you’re a long term student with an X1 VISA, it is now legal to work as long as you get permission from your university.

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Only schools licensed by SAFEA can apply for the necessary “letter of invitation” and a “foreign expert work certificate”.