Enjoy some of your favorite beverages (Sundance Hot Tubs all have built- in drink holders) and enjoy some sweet treats, maybe by picking up some of your date’s favorite desert, or putting together an exotic fruit platter to stimulate the taste buds.

Adding fragrance to your Hot Tub’s water stimulates your scent receptors and sends a signal to the section of your brain that controls emotions.

Owning a Sundance Hot Tub means you have the perfect “date” spot right at home.

A Hot Tub Date Night is a great way to relax & unwind, giving you a chance to enjoy each other’s company in a soothing & intimate atmosphere.

A great playlist can set just the right mood, so load up your phone or tablet with some romantic classics and play them through Sundance Hot Tubs Blue Wave Spa Stereo System.

We recommend anything by Barry White, but here are some other great love songs you might want to consider:o romantic date night is complete without some fantastic food & drink.

Different fragrances provoke different emotional reactions, for example Lavender will help with relaxation whilst Eucalyptus & Jasmine are stimulating.

Sundance 880 Series Hot Tubs have built-in Silent Air Injectors that create thousands of tiny aromatic bubbles when you add Sun Scents fragrance beads.

To start, appeal to the senses and set the mood for your hot tub date night using the right hot tub lighting and some aromatherapy.

If your hot tub is equipped with changing light features, choose a calm setting with deep colors like purples or reds.

Horizontal Play Foreplay is great in the water because your bodies are slippery and light, you can’t see very well under the water line, and everyone looks sexy when they’re wet.