I had this feeling ling time ago while I was 12 years old but due to apartheid I could not allow it to happen until i thought and felt I was free to be who am I . I've been shamelessly flirting with a white older man. I really found myself becoming intrested in them in high school. We love eachother, and live together, going on 3 years now.He looks like he's feeling it...always kind smiling and full of laughter returning the flirts. Where I am from 90% are white, 5% mexican / asain, and 5 % blacks. The only problem I seem to encounter is that sometimes I feel like I'm not attractive enough to him. that I wasn't as attracted to men of my race as white men, but I can't help it.

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I couldn't let him leave this area after his project without letting him know how I've been feeling. We may not be a couple but he will always be a friend of mine!! I used to be afraid to admit it because I thought that people would judge me for it.

And the sex was spectacular, he would put it on me so good! The problem I have most is that no white guys ever ask me out :-/ the most they will do is smile, stare at me from...

I'm an african american woman and I LOVE WHITE MEN!!! We Combine together like art Your skin pressed against mine Creating the most perfect Mix Your heart Beat's red as mine You temp my every way Showing me your world as I Show you mine Were the same 2 Hearts that beat for each other Mature white man from Europe,outgoing,with zest for life 52yo, passionate about young black women, seeking complete relationship with young non-materialistic, curvy black woman 20-28yo, who wants to relocate to form a family with mature wm, or accomodate for complete ongoing... The group for White guys who like Black women only has maybe four stories and about thirty members. I find the dark hair and chocolate colored skin absolutely beautiful, and most of...

They're all I seem to be attracted to and who I always make the best connection with, I honestly can't see myself with anyone else (although I am open to dating all races). I have always had a deep desire to be with a white man. I am a 19 year old model,and I've been attracted to white men since 4th grade. Problem is though is that it's very difficult getting a white male, which is very confusing because I'm very beautiful, long black hair and beautiful...I really have not yet dated anyone outside of my race yet.I am though very attracted to white men but too afraid to go up and strike a conversation. Lesson plans are currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Korean. I started dating white guys when I was in middle school. I live in spring Texas and have dated from many different races.Hi I am a 50 single woman looking for a white male 50-70..loves to go out to dinner,movies,long drives,traveling and talks. The 3rd time we had sex he suggested that we'd role play and have sex that was rougher than usual. I'm often told that I come across intimidating and things like that. I have dated both black and white men and for a long time I actually thought I was equally attracted to both but recently I only date white men why???