The mental stimulation provided by the intense scorpio is like a drug for the Gemini.

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I think many women are conditioned to believe that men only have those ‘wet dreams’ like they did during puberty. One man in his 30’s shared that sometimes the love feeling is so intense when he wakes up that he finds himself thinking of this woman for the next couple days until the dream wears off.

I decided to do a bit more research on this which led to me to Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology where he spoke of each of us having our male side (animus) and our female side (anima).

While scorpio follows his curiosity till the end, until he gets the answer he wants.

Gemini is enchanted by Scorpio’s intensity and depth of knowledge, while Scorpio is amazed and Gemini’s knowledge about varied topics and the charm.

The way these two people do it, is completely opposite!

On one side we have the scorpio who uses magnetism, mystery, passion and intensity to attract others and a Gemini who has an unmatched charming capabilities which is used with wit to attract others. It’s all water and air coming together to form a storm, a tsunami perhaps!Jung explained that, because a man’s sensitivity must often be repressed, the anima is one of the most significant emotions of all.It often manifests itself by appearing in dreams and can be the source of men’s creativity.Both these sign have curiosity but in different ways.Gemini is curious about everything under the sun and they get bored soon to move on to something else.Gemini has both the twins coming out in different occasions; this makes Gemini highly inconsistent in his/her own views and behavior.