I didn't go to him for anything related to penis size and I didn't ask about it.As he examined me, he told me that I have a "micropenis." I'll always remember his exact words that followed as he pulled, rolled, and pinched my penis in the gloved fingers of one hand: "...formation unremarkable, function normal, dimensions infantile." That last word hung in the air.

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The rest of me did grow, rather nicely, but not down there.

My testicles descended enough at puberty for development and fertility, but my testes and scrotum remained very small.

We lined up to use the diving board, lined up waiting to use a lane, lined up for roll call -- large penises hanging down, medium penises at a downward angle, small penises pointed straight out and then there was me, practically an innie.

Unfortunately for me, news of the size of my penis didn't stay in the swimming pool, nor within the walls of the school.

What did that first realization that you had a micropenis feel like?

The realization at age 6 was one of mild shame and I began hiding my nakedness from others' eyes as much as possible.“Put bluntly, I have a micropenis,” this complete stranger revealed to me.“Think the size and shape of a sewing thimble soft, wine cork erect.” He continued, “My scrotum is sized to match, no tragedy, just unusual on a tall and fit adult man who appears normal and healthy in every other way.” "No tragedy" is a common refrain of his, even as he compares his penis to that of a toddler or a hamster.The girls at our sister school all knew who the larger guys were, and they all had heard about me.There were nicknames with hand gestures and whispers and giggles at social and sporting events.I’ve written about a man with two schlongs, one with none, another with the world’s largest member and then there’s the guy whose Johnson ejaculates uncontrollably 100 times day. Seuss book: One dick, two dicks, huge dick, no dick! It was the first time Chris had talked in depth with someone about his micropenis and he had lots to say -- about losing his virginity, locker room ribbing and an ex-wife who left by telling him his penis was inadequate.