After beating out Tim James to get in the Republican runoff in 2010 Rep.

Bentley believing he needed to develop a more sophisticated operation and to add someone to his campaign with experience dealing with the news media, Bentley chose former reporter, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, from the Sunday School class he taught at First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, even though she told him he had “no chance” of winning.

Staffers including Hannah noticed that Mason had supplanted other “insiders” within the Office of the Governor.

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Hannah said that they seemed to jump at her presence as if they were uncomfortable with someone seeing them.

This was her the moment that her suspicions were first aroused.

At that time, Rebekah Mason’s family still lived in Tuscaloosa, but Rebekah was spending her nights in the pool house at the Governor’s Mansion. Bentley began noticing that Mason was frequently texting her husband on weekends with unnecessary “emergencies” or simply about football games.

Hannah testified that in October 2013, Mason and the Governor were at the Mansion working on a speech when she walked into the room.

The report however also exposed a much darker side to Gov.

Bentley’s personality, including paranoia, widespread misuse of law enforcement resources and personnel, as well as allegations of harassment and possibly even witness intimidation.

That is sleazy, but sex (of whatever form) between two consenting adults is not illegal and is arguably not a cause for impeachment.

If that were all that happened, Bentley would not be on the verge of being the Governor in the State to be impeached and removed by his own Legislature.

Divorces, especially divorces involving marital infidelity, are ugly.

Persons who were friends with the couple often find themselves drawn into the conflict.

Bentley during the State of the State speech and Governor Bentley’s defense of Mason when it was brought to his attention. Bentley confronted the Governor about Mason, but he steadfastly denied an inappropriate relationship with the married Mrs. In the spring 2014, Governor Bentley mistakenly sent to Ms.