The son of Maria and Andrei Caraman he is the second child of three siblings.

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Miss Maria Cebotari complained about horrible pain during her opera performance the Figaro (music by Mozart) in Milano. Miss Cebotari finally went for a medical examination under the direction of primarius doctor Strasser...

She complained about her tiredness, and tried to fight against her unknown illness. Russian-born Joseph Gershenson began his show-business career in 1920 as a conductor of orchestras in movie theaters.

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In 2006 Silvia worked as a radio host at Radio Moldova...

Lewis Milestone, a clothing manufacturer's son, was born in Bessarabia (now Moldova), raised in Odessa (Ukraine) and educated in Belgium and Berlin (where he studied engineering).

Hired by Universal Pictures for its music department, he was made the department head in 1940.