Gerard told me that the place where he was taking me was rather snobby, but the food was incredible. The man standing behind the booth looked frightened at Gerard's appearance, but thankfully, he didn't make a scene. I nodded and ordered a simple dish while Gerard ordered the same. When we arrived at the restaurant, Gerard hurried out of the car and opened the door for me. I felt a little annoyed that the man gave us a table in the back, but decided not to let his ignorant behavior get the best of me. While we waited for our food, Gerard asked, "Are you having a nice time?

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Song: First Date by Blink-182 Liv's Pov The energy I felt while my best-friend, Cathy, was dragging me through the venue in San Diego was indescribable.

She said she wanted me to meet her friend, but she wouldn't tell me who.

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Cathy ran into his arms and they hugged each other for a few seconds before she pulled away. "Awesome name." "Thank you." Grinning widely, Cathy started towards the door.

"Gerard," she turned her attention to me, "This is my friend, Liv." "Liv? "I'll just leave you two alone." She said and walked out of the room.

I wanted to shout for Cathy to come back, but instead, I walked across the room and sat down on the couch. "We've been friends since Freshmen year," I said, "She was that popular girl and was always nice to everyone.

Gerard reclaimed his seat on the vanity stool, a thick silence engulfed us. We met through the cliche thing where we got stuck being partners for a project and...

It's been a while since Frank has decided to go back into the life of dating, his love life was never much interesting since in today's community it wouldn't be that hard to find a lover but Frank oh boy Frank was another case.