That web page still exists – if you want to look at it for reference, view my A920 Cell Phone Guide Here.To be an e Bay affiliate, you have to sign up with Commission Junction. At the e Bay Affiliate Web Site you have access to tools to build auction listings for placement on your site.This was the first e Bay affiliate link I ever placed.

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But a good e Bay affiliate Word Press plugin has always escaped me.

I’ve tried many cheesy little scripts, a few I paid for and some were free. First, let me talk to you a little bit about why a “Word Press e Bay plugin” is so important to me…

I can’t tell you how many times someone started out on one of my sites looking for cell phones but bought an i Pod charger or a book instead.

Let’s talk about how you make money on e Bay auctions. So if something cost $100 on e Bay the insertion fee would be say $2.40.

The only place you can find items with that high commissions are on clickbank, and they don’t give you any advertising or promotion tools at all – and e Bay is probably the single most trusted and well know shopping web site in the world, other than Amazon.

Nearly everyone I know has bought or sold something on e Bay.If you purchased a non-working version contact me and I will furnish you with a working 2.3b version – no problems at all.I have used “affiliate programs” for several years to monetize my blogs and web sites and make money online.This article shows how to make money as an e Bay affiliate on your Word Press blog or web site using the Bay RSS “e Bay affiliate plugin” to list auctions directly in your blog posts!If you’ve heard about the PHPBay Pro Word Press plugin I’ll discuss that as well.And people always go for what they think is cheapest, and sometimes they choose to view the auctions rather than the other links to see if they can get a deal.