Season 9, Episode 15March 12, 2002A murder case takes an eerie turn after the DOA turns out to be a face from Rita's past; Andy and Clark investigate an abortion-clinic bombing that killed a security guard; Jones and Medavoy pick up a lead on a woman who has been missing for five years.

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Season 9, Episode 20May 7, 2002Tony scrambles to avoid a 15th precinct tragedy after an unstable suspect (Daniel Roebuck) takes Andy hostage at the station's interrogation room; Medavoy's daughter (Kala Savage) asks her father an unfortunate favor regarding her wedding-guest list; a multiple-offense drug dealer (Mark Worden) sells out his mother to keep Connie and Ortiz from sending him back to prison.

Meanwhile, word of Connie's vacation with the Sipowicz boys raises eyebrows at the 15th; and Ortiz (Jacqueline Obradors) sees the upside of dating one of her co-workers.

Season 9, Episode 17March 26, 2002Andy tries to help a NYPD-bashing cabbie after three of his former fares are killed; Clark signs up for a charity boxing match to defend Ortiz's honor; Internal Affairs sets a trap for Tony to see if he's on the take; and John has a heartbreaking decision to make about his dying, homophobic father.

Meanwhile, Clark steps up his training for the NYPD boxing match to defend Rita's honor in the ring; and a botched armored-car robbery brings snitch Julian Pisano back into the squad's services.

Season 9, Episode 4November 20, 2001Andy and Clark clash over how to handle the confusing confession from a killer who took the life of an unstable prison guard; Mc Dowell (Charlotte Ross) is compelled to break in the squad's newest hire, a dopey detective from the night shift, on the case of a dead woman who may have been done-in by a family member.

Meanwhile, Connie gets a dose of her own sidekick's darkside while dealing with an unwed mother linked to a homicide. Season 9, Episode 11February 5, 2002Andy's moonlighting work sheds new light on one of Mrs. Season 9, Episode 12February 19, 2002A dead teen leads Andy and Clark to a trio of high-schoolers, two with differing alibis and one with a very different reason to confess; Jones and Medavoy's partnership is tested by personal matters as they hunt the gunman behind an infant's accidental shooting; Haywood keeps Jones at bay about the baby; and Connie makes her move on an unsuspecting Sipowicz. Season 9, Episode 21May 14, 2002Andy and John's investigation into the murder of a deli owner is muddied by the meddling of a cop from another division and a witness's ever-changing account of the crime. The 15th races to save a missing 12-year-old boy from an online predator; Clark decides it's time for Ortiz to meet his dad (Joe Spano). Season 9, Episode 18April 16, 2002Sipowicz digs up a dirty little secret that could derail the Internal Affairs case against Tony, whose interim replacement goes too far in his dealings with Connie.