Brown, the founder and artistic director of Camille A.

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In 2013, Adams created the imma BEAST dance company.

He auditioned hundreds of the most talented dancers in Los Angeles and across the country but only about 60 dancers made the final cut.

But dancer-chefs were a thing long before the internets.

And there's no better evidence of that than Balanchine ballerina Tanaquil Le Clercq's delightful These days, tap dancers can reach huge audiences through social media, where videos from stars like Chloe Arnold and Sarah Reich have gone viral.

If you looked up #Girl Boss in the dictionary, chances are there'd be a giant picture of Mackenzie Ziegler.

From "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" to Bollywood, Travis Wall to t Witch, it seemed like there couldn't possibly be any room left on Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train. When Lex showed up at the show's Season 14 NYC auditions with an improv solo in lieu of a choreographed routine, the judges were shocked—and then brought to their feet by his show-stopping creativity. In week one of the live shows, Lex busted out a super-crisp tap (! But now, Lex is officially a household name as America's Favorite Dancer—and has a first-class ticket on that Hot Tamale Train.

) Thanks to her top-notch technique and unreal flexibility—not to mention a brief appearance on "Dance Moms"—Lucia became a household name practically overnight.

Now, the teen turning sensation (seriously, watch this immediately) and former Dance Spirit cover girl attends school full-time in addition to dancing, and is a bona fide Instagram superstar.

Just a short year later, Adams' crew gained national attention by making it through two rounds of America's Got Talent.

This appearance led the crew to shows with groups like Breaksk8 and people like Jason Derulo.

Sophia Lucia burst onto the dance scene as a tiny tapper with a crazy knack for pirouettes.